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Leaving a Legacy Gift

Leaving a Legacy Gift to the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation makes an awesome and lasting statement about what you value most.

It tells your family and community that:

  • Because of you… children get safe supervision and after-school programming that keeps their minds engaged, their bodies active, and their tummies fed.
  • Because of you… more students will be able to proudly say, “College is not a dream; it’s my PLAN.”
  • Because of you… our entire community celebrates excellence in education.
  • Because of you… SKEF programs will stay in the schools and in the community, boosting achievement and building futures.
  • Because of you… students who can’t afford school supplies will get the tools they need to succeed.

Your Legacy Gift is an investment in awesome kids; providing programs to improve literacy, increase graduation rates, fight hunger, and feed dreams.

Your gift supports Every Child, Every Day!

It’s our work. Now it can be your legacy.