2014 Innovation Grants Awarded

Posted by SKEF on September 23 2014

The Salem-Keizer Education Foundation awarded over $40,000 to educators in the Salem-Keizer School District during its annual grant award ceremony Wednesday, September 17th. The grants will fund innovative projects that enhance learning for students in elementary, middle and high school. 

Teacher grants were awarded to fund 8 special projects across the district. Another $10,000 for AVID (Achievement via Individual Determination), a district initiative that focuses on academic strategies that help students increase their potential and opportunity to attend college. 

The 2014 Susan Gleason Award was awarded to Early College High School's Roberts Teen Parent Program. The Project, titled Bring it Home! Literacy and the Habits of Mind, will help improve Teen Parent Program students' children's literacy and language skills with early literacy activities. Coordinator is Angela Davis  Award Amount is $1,040.00

Eliminating Barriers to Learning through SPOT Photo Screener Video Screening
  The outdated and less accurate manual vision screender will be replaced with SPOT photo screener technology. This will allow for a more accurate detection of vision barriers and enhance opportunities to learn in the educational setting.
Coordinator: Eric Richards
Department: Student Services
Award Amount:  $7,765.00

Seal Salem-Keizer Now
In partnership with Capitol Dental Care, students at Title 1 schools will receive dental sealants in school at no cost. This will remove the barriers of cost, transportation, and language for these students and their families. Students will be able to be more able to concentrate in class, eat, and sleep, because of the prevention of dental pain thanks to the sealants. 
Coordinator: Jessica Minahan
Department: Student Services
Award Amount: $5,000.00

Student Produced Videos
A video production class at Adam Stephens Middle School will be able to create weekly school news videos and public service announcements. This will allow participating students to contribute to the school community, develop digital fluency, and use technology in a "real world" circumstance.
Coordinator: Tina Lowen
School: Adam Stephens Middle School
Award Amount: $6,476.00

Stimulating Literacy Through Science Intervention
The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will receive the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading during their daily Response to Intervention time. This will provide targeted reading, writing, and science intervention and improve proficiency percentages at the 3-5th grade levels. 
Coordinator: Maggie Bingham
School: Miller Elementary
Award Amount: $3,285.00

Peuden leer tambien!
A Kindergarten Sistema de la intervencion de lectura (SIL) kit will be purchased from Pacific Learning to be used in Literacy Squared classrooms during daily Response to Intervention time. This kit will increase the number of Literacy Squared students who meet their grade-level reading standards by establishing Spanish literacy. 
Coordinator: Whitney Eisenhauer
School: Hammond Elementary
Award Amount: $1,195.00

STEM Weather Watchers
The innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) unit of study for third graders will create critical thinkers, increase science literacy, and use real world applications to reduce weather related hazards. Families, the community, and business leaders will mentor students through the engineering design process. 
Coordinator: Maureen Foelkl
School: Chapman Hill Elementary
Award Amount: $950.00

Hoover Families Engaged with Love and Logic
Hoover families will be able to participate in a seven week Love and Logic course. Love and Logic educated parents on how they can enjoy parenting and raise responsible children. Parents will learn how they can parent in a positive way and prepare their child to become responsible and independent while maintaining the parent-child relationship.
Coordinator: Linda Hernandez-Munguia
School: Hoover Elementary
Award Amount: $1,900.00

Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project
To increase family engagement, end the cycle of blame between families and school staff, to build trust and respect, and to instill cultural competency, SKEF is pleased to support the Salem-Keizer Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project. This unique program allows teachers and families to come together in a unique setting as equal partners to build trust and form a relationship, to share dreams, expectations, experiences, and tools for academic success.
Coordinators: Kathleen Sundell and Tim Killefer
Award Amount: $3,500.00

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