2014 Why College is Awesome Essay Contest Winners

Posted by SKEF on May 2 2014

Awesome Essays Worth $529 for College

Salem, OR March 3, 2014: Kindergarten thru senior high students tell us why college is awesome and the Oregon College Savings Plan will award winning entries $529 for college. Two awards per grade level, will be announced at the 32nd annual Awesome 3000 on May 3, 2014.

Helping kids achieve their goals and become better prepared educationally is something the Oregon College Savings Plan cares deeply about," Michael Parker, Executive Director of the Oregon 529 College Savings Network, said. "Every child deserves a chance at a college education, and supporting creativity and strong writing skills is a big step in the right direction."

"Partnering with Oregon College Savings Plan and linking the strong academic goals of the Awesome 3000 on our 32nd anniversary is a powerful message to our students," Krina Lee, Executive Director of Salem-Keizer Education Foundation, said. "SKEF's role in supporting academic achievement is linking these amazing organizations with our children, it's a game changer for 26 college bound students."

Liora Donahue, Pringle
Sawyer Nelson, St. Joseph School

1st Grade
Jackson Buckingham, McKinley
Mia Madland, McKinley

2nd Grade
Ruby Anne Garver, Auburn
Mark Seare, Chapman Hill

3rd Grade
Izabella Gutierrez Crazybull, Yoshikai
Milo Kingsley, Harritt

4th Grade
Eliana Berg, OLE
Dara Elkanah, Pringle

5th Grade
Itzel Garibay, Washington
Juliana Mclauglin, St. Joseph School

6th Grade
Asherah Davidow, Crossler
Karina Paniagua Ramirez, Claggett Creek

7th Grade
Daniela Ruiz, Straub
Kaitlin Oakes, Walker

8th Grade
Alexander Burger, Claggett Creek
Hannah Sonnen, Walker

9th grade
Benjamin Beckstrom, West Salem
Ada Solariv, West Salem

10th grade
Caitlin Kepler, North Salem
Julissa Monter, North Salem

11th grade
Justin Tijerno, West Salem
Jeremiah Davis, West Salem

12th grade
Lauren Trevis, West Salem
Matthew Gaviola, Sprague

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