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Posted by SKEF on June 25 2014

Kids dig in at GardenPalooza

Students at Parrish Middle School celebrated the end of the school year Learning Gardens-style at GardenPalooza, a three-day event that brought over 430 students out to learn and work together in the garden.  Between June 10th-12th, nine teachers brought out 25 classes to help prepare the garden for summer.  The event brought out quite a variety of students, from math classes helping install drip irrigation, and 7th grade science students planting a pumpkin patch and corn alongside language arts students who helped build a new patio at the heart of the garden. A health teacher sent each of the students in her four classes home with a personal salsa container garden, green tomatoes and peppers hanging heavy on their branches over the onions and herbs planted underneath. Art students who had worked for weeks on a variety of garden art projects excitedly installed their works across the garden. A 6th grade home economics class finished their 8-week Food Roots unit, designed by FoodCorps service member Aaron Poplack to get students thinking about where food comes from, by harvesting basil they had planted and making homemade pesto. It was a truly eclectic group, but volunteers, staff, and students all had one thing in common: we had a blast enjoying some summer sun in the garden!

Summer Camp & Open Garden Hours

Want to get your kids out into the garden this summer? Opportunities are bountiful, with SKEF’s summer garden and cooking camps in session. K-2 students explore the garden and it’s bounty in our Green Sprouts and Garden to Table camps, while 3rd-5th graders can plant, harvest and cook in our Junior Master Gardener and Grow and Cook camps. Brenda’s B.U.G.S. (Beginning Urban Gardeners) will also be held the last week of July, and are offered for all students, K-5.

Many of our Learning Gardens also offer summer drop-in hours, hosted by our garden coordinators or Master Gardener volunteers. Want to know when your gardens hours are? Check out the handy list below, and stop by during the times listed to spend some time with your kids in the garden! If you’d like to volunteer in a garden that’s not listed, or at another time, please contact one of our Learning Gardens coordinators to get more information.

McKinley Elementary: Wednesdays, 9:30am-11:30am

Grant Elementary: Wednesdays, 10am-12pm

Washington Elementary: Wednesdays, 5PM-7PM

Parrish Middle School: Saturdays, 9am-11am

Garden Coordinators

Brenda [Grant, Highland]: Brenda@skeducationfoundation.org

Chelsey [McKinley, Houck, Washington]: schoolgardens@skeducationfoundation.org

Aaron [Parrish]: aaron.poplack@foodcorps.org

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