Spelling Contest 2015 Winners!

Posted by SKEF on March 12 2015

The best spellers in the Salem-Keizer School District squared off Wednesday during the annual Salem-Keizer School District Spelling Contest at Crossler Middle School.

In the end, 13 students - five elementary, five middle and three high school - were recognized among their top spelling peers. The first place winner in each division will represent the district at the Regional Spelling Contest April 16th.

Division I - Elementary School

1st Place: Jia Israel - Kalapuya

2nd Place: Gwynneth Knight - Clear Lake

3rd Place: Olivia Hickam - Lee

4th Place: Khang Nguyen - Hayesville

5th Place: Jacob Zelenka – Cummings

Division II - Middle School

Top 5 winners

1st Place: Juliana Ha - Stephens

2nd Place: Madeline King - Howard Street

3rd Place: Trevor Rarick - Crossler

4th Place: Parker Salmon - Whiteaker

5th Place: Ellie Bertholf - Stephens

Division III - High School

Top 3 winners

1st Place: Isaac King - South

2nd Place: Ben Beckstrom - West

3rd Place: Hayden Shurtleff - West

The top five finishers in Divisions I and II combined and the top three finishers in Division III all received cash prizes from the Salem Kiwanis Club. The 1st place students’ school for each division will be awarded $250 dollars to support literacy efforts, thanks to Salem Kiwanis Club.

The written form contest was produced by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and the Salem Kiwanis Club. It featured 24 elementary, 26 middle and 10 high school students representing 36 Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

The Oregon Statewide Spelling Contest takes place Saturday, September 5, 2015 at the Oregon State Fair.

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