Guido Caldarazzo

WHO SHOULD APPLY: This scholarship is for a young man/men or woman/women who contributes to the positive culture of their school and community in many small ways. It is a scholarship to recognize someone who has overcome adversity, perhaps in some unconventional way, and who may otherwise go unrecognized.

ELIGIBILITY: Students must have a diploma, alternative diploma, or GED from a Salem-Keizer School District high school or a diploma from Blanchet Catholic School. They must verify they are continuing their education at either a technical school, certification program, college, or university.

HOW TO USE: The scholarship is a one year, potentially renewable scholarship of an amount to be determined by the selection committee. The scholarship may be used for conventional academic purposes such as tuition, fees, room and board, and/or books. In honor of Guido’s unconventional ways of reaching students, the scholarship may also be used for those items necessary to get into and stay in post-secondary education. For example, purchase of tools for a professional-technical program, certification classes, transportation or child care while attending classes.

SCHOLARSHIP LEGACY: The Guido Caldarazzo Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Guido Caldarazzo. Like many people, Guido was determined to make the world a better place. Unlike some, he succeeded. The scholarship is financed by all those who loved, supported, and benefited from his energy and patience, and who continue to love and support his family.

APPLICATION DUE: Completed applications must be postmarked by the first Friday of May. They must be mailed with all attachments to SKEF, 223 Commercial St NE Salem, OR 97301. Successful applicants will be notified prior to graduation.

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John Moe

WHO SHOULD APPLY: This scholarship is for a student who shows growth in attendance, independence, social interactions, employability (behaviors, punctuality, etc.). He or she must also be enrolled in a Community Transition Program.

ELIGIBILITY: Students must be in their final year of CTP and exiting school age services. A letter of recommendation is required to highlight growth.

INTERVIEW: Students will be interviewed by Brent Neilsen, Salem-Keizer Education Foundation Interim Executive Director, Brian Hilsabeck, Special Education Coordinator and other designee. Interviews will be held on or around the second Thursday of May at an agreed upon place and time. Accommodations / Modifications will be provided for students with communication needs.

SCHOLARSHIP LEGACY: This scholarship honors a champion for all students, Mr. John Moe. Like many of us, John was determined to make the world a better place. His love for music and music education is surpassed only by his deep commitment to furthering opportunities and meaningful life experiences for students of all abilities. John advocated for the interests of the disabled for over three decades. This scholarship, similar to one he supports in Long Beach, California is financed by his energy and patience.

This scholarship will now institutionalize the champion. Each student eligible and/or awarded will know for a lifetime
that they had an advocate who will cheer and believe in them.

APPLICATION DUE: Submit letters of recommendation to Brian Hilsabeck at Student Services by 5pm on the last Friday of April.

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Connor James Memorial

WHO SHOULD APPLY: This scholarship is for a young man/men who attends Sprague High School in the Salem-Keizer School District and who is an active member in good standing on the Sprague Lacrosse team. This scholarship is for a senior student who will pursue some form of post-secondary education.

ELIGIBILITY: Student must have a diploma or alternative diploma from Sprague High School, meet the application criteria and submit all requested information by the deadline.

HOW TO USE: The scholarship is a one year, potentially renewable scholarship of an amount to be determined by the selection committee. The scholarship may be used for conventional academic purposes such as tuition, fees, room and board and/or books. In honor of Connor’s passions and creativity, the scholarship may also be used for those items necessary to get into and stay in post-secondary education. For example, purchase of tools for a professional technical program, certification classes, or transportation.

SCHOLARSHIP LEGACY: The Connor James Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Connor Joel James. Connor was a very curious, creative and independent young man. School came easily to him and while he didn’t like to read, he was always finding new ways to learn and explore the world around him.

APPLICATION DUE: Completed applications must be postmarked by the second Friday of May. For 2020, the deadline is extended to May 25. They may be mailed with all attachments to SKEF at 223 Commercial St NE Salem, OR 97301 or sent thru inter-district mail. Successful applicants will be notified prior to graduation or the completion of the term.

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